I’m not saying I cried when dobby died, but I’m not saying I didn’t either.
Chances are, if a movie is even remotely sad or tragically romantic, I am at
least tearing up. I mean come on, who didn’t get a little emotional when Jenny
left Forrest for her abusive boyfriend. Or when Noah told Allie he wanted all of
her forever in the pouring down rain. I know you cried when John Coffey
was put in the electric chair. You don’t have to be ashamed. Admit it. You cry
at movies. And so do I. If anything, its just polite. I’m sure
Nicholas Sparks is proud to be the writer of one of the saddest love stories
ever written. And I’ll bet you he appreciates every tear you shed when it comes
to tragic love. If anything, embrace that you cry at movies. Especially you men,
it makes the ladies think you’re all emotional and shit.
Now, I know for a fact that I'm not the only one who hates wearing pants.
Jeans are too tight, khaki's are never long enough and dress
pants come with a case of saggy-butt syndrome. Most peoples'
solution to this problem are leggings. But what about the women who don't want
every part of their lower half highlighted with skin-tight Sandra Dee pants?
Dresses are just not acceptable in the winter time! When is someone going to
come up with a solution for us? In the meantime, I think I'll just wear my
pajama pants everywhere I go.
The best book I have ever read is by far The Fault in our Stars by John
Green. I have never read a book quite like it. The content is everything I have
ever wanted to read in a book. Truthful and sophisticated and incredibly funny.
I often found myself quite literally lol’ing alone in my bedroom.
This is especially meaningful because I am not really a bookworm sort
of person. Sometimes I wish I could erase my memory and read it all over again.
Thank you John Green.