6 am. I'm awoken by the torturous screaming of my alarm clock. I fucking hate that thing. I spend 15 minutes laying in bed, searching the dark corners of my soul for the least bit of motivation to get up and face the day ahead. After scrolling through all my news feeds multiple times, I toss my blankets aside and drag my unenthusiastic ass into the bathroom. I stand in front of the mirror, admiring how chaotic my bed head looks for at least 5 minutes. By now, its 6:20. I finally step into the shower and begin to clean myself of yesterday's remnants. The water is so cold. My neighbor is always harboring 5 or 6 more hoodlums than are on her lease and they all take extra long showers. I drag myself out of the now scalding hot water (there is no happy medium) and into my bedroom where I sit naked on my bed until exactly 5 minutes before I have to leave. At which time I throw whatever pants and shirt I can find on my floor and run a comb through my still dripping wet hair 5 or 6 times. I get a text from Pauline saying she's here to pick me up. I shuffle down stairs to find that its pouring down rain, and of course all I have is a t-shirt on. Terrific. I use my bag as an umbrella and run to Pauline's bright red mini-cooper. She greats me with a groan and we ride in near silence to work. The only thing keeping me sane on the 20 minute drive is the splatter of rain and the occasional "fuck you" and a honk from angry drivers. Pauline drives like a New York taxi cab driver. We finally arrive at our wonderful place of work. And the rest of the day just fucking sucks.